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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Styling 101: Androgyny

Hey peeps! I am introducing a new and fun addition to my blog - STYLING 101. Here, I will feature real people who a simple yet eclectic style to them.

In today's styling 101, I focused on Androgyny*. This is hard to pull off especially when you don't have a specific idea or pieces to put it together. However, I feel the combination of pieces that I have chosen bring the look together fabulously. What do you think?

*Androgyny: neither clearly masculine nor clearly feminine in appearance.

My model for the day is my friend Caira Nicolas. We were in karaoke mode when I got the inspiration that she should be my first model in my new blog addition; the perfect choice!

Her stats are as follows:
Age - 15 years old
Lives in - Vancouver, B.C
Height - 170CM (5'7")
Weight - 123 lbs
Hair color - Black
Skin color - Tan
She loves Asian TV series/movies/music etc.
She is playful, fun, witty.

For her outfit, I combined the pieces you could see in my looks on : - Vintage High-Cut Brown Shoes

I love how this outfit turned out, (the fact that this is my favorite) it's amazing. I was jumping out for joy when I see the outfit on her because she doesn't really style but, this brought out the style in her.

I could have done something more to her look, like I could put a cap on her head or did some make-up; however, I decided to just make it simple so people could see her beauty and the edginess of the look.

Here are more photos of her from the photo shoot we did today:
Androgyny look - accomplished! ;)

PS: I had a photo shoot the night after with the same outfit, which you could check out on -

If you have questions, or have some styling problems don't forget to contact me at: or

I'll wait for that and don't forget leave comments!

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