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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas! #2011

Greetings! Merry Christmas to all of you guys! How's everyone been doing lately? Enjoying the Christmas break? Anywho, I am uber having fun in my stay here in the Philippines, and spending Christmas with my family and relatives here is AAA-MAZING! I really love the company, and how we celebrated Christmas is the best compared to anything else. So yeah, I hope you guys had a blast this Christmas and here are some gifts that I received! - Apple+TOPMAN and everything! YAAAY! :)

But before the pictures, don't forget to watch my Christmas video!

Also, this is an update about one of the highlights of my stay in the Philippines, which is my sister's wedding! That day was magical, and I loved how the whole family clan was so close together, and spent this celebration with us.

Here are some photos from the wedding, and don't forget to watch my VLOG update about everything below!

The newly weds with my family, the Lopez's.

Of course, the love of my life. <3

Here's my UPDATE!
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After the wedding, it's reception time for sure- we spent the whole night in this wonderful resort called Callospa, in Antipolo, Philippines.

Dance all night long! :)
Much love, Joseff Lopez

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Styling 101: My Momma Fashionista

Fashion is one way to show our expression to the world. We come up with unique inspirations, innovative styles everyday, which is our own. There's different individuals, different personalities, there is harmony from every person, that is why the fashion world is full of passion, power, and glamour. You should just know where you could fit in, and know what you could do to make yourself stand out among the rest.

One tip is to be proud of yourself and never stop dreaming big and trying new things - explore your capabilities! You can do more than what you think.

Loving life to the fullest, I styled my mom in a very casual-eclectic way. I don't do this to my mom that often and doing this feature of her isn't that easy - I made her say yes because she liked the outfit! AH-HA!

Growing up, my mom is my best companion in the world, she helps me in everything, gives what I want, and loves me for who I am. I love her. And this blog would show a part of me saying, I'm proud and heart my mom - my parents.

Outfit by:
Gray blazer from ZARA
Gray striped-straight cut pants with Khaki belt from Dynamite
Black heels from my Sister
Gray Scarf from Penman's
Black top from Garage

I tried a new style for mom - scarf on top of the other; double scarf. I don't know if this was a trend before or is a trend right now because i haven't seen anything like this in the fashion scene - I'm not saying that Im the original, it's just that an idea came up to me and I never thought it would work out nicely.

A simple coloured top or a top that has some designs or an accessory that could bring the top to the next level would pull out this kind of outfit.
Tip: a glittery or a big statement accessory that fits to the neck line, would work!
Colors are as well one of the factors that give an appeal to the outfit; pick the right ones, and you are good to go!

(In this case, I mix-and-and match gray and black; simple but elegant)

(Mom is just so cute <3)

Styling my mom means a lot to me. I made her day and it made me feel like I achieved something that I couldn't explain. It was a fun styling moment, I had a blast and for sure, I'll do more features like this in the coming days. Got me inspired and I believe I have a future in this. :) Cheers to that!

Update: I'm in the Philippines right now, and it is fun, fun, fun in the sun! I'm enjoying it so much and seeing my friends and relatives makes my vacation so complete. :D
My sister just got married and I'm so happy for her; check my videos on FaceBook and I'll keep you guys posted for more! *I will for sure do a blog about whole trip when I get back to Canada!
Facebook page:

Also, check my home made preview of my fashion interview! ;)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Joseff's LookBook: In Another Life

Firstly, just to clarify things out, I don't smoke! And I will never! :) I just used the cigarette as one of my props to give life on the photo that we're going to shoot.
Watch my intro-video!

"This shoot is unique and interesting because this is the first time I had to look like a 'bad boy' who doesn't seem to care about his life, who don't know the importance of it, and just making himself attached to smoking - and that's the theme of the shoot. That's why in his another life, he would make everything perfect."

"Why do I find this sexy, hot, cute?"... yes, you read that right! Here are some of the comments I got from the very first time I posted my 'wasted' (The One That Got Away) look but re-posted again because I was unsatisfied on the photo that I matched together. However, on the second try - it was worth the change and I gave it a title, 'In Another Life.'

So now, I will show you the complete shoot my photographer, Ms. Bebrenly M. took (if you haven't seen her, you can refer to my recent LookBook column, 'Bright Lights' and check out our picture together!) and found this as her most-favorite shoot that we have done so far! :D

From research and ideas on what poses and look to do, how would the smoke appear on the shots, and more... everything paid off because of the amazing results! :)

Getting ready for the shoot: re-touch!!! :)

And the photo shoot begun! We have decided to put it in black and white to get an emotional approach on the photos; also to get great shots when the fire is burning on the cigarette.

And... done! :D What do you guys think? I'm cool now eh? This would be one of my most memorable shoots I have had - especially lighting up a cigarette that made me not to breathe for like a minute or so, because it makes me cough *ehem :P

Anyhow, don't forget to hype this look on my LookBook! And I'll see you guys around! ;)

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