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Thursday, July 18, 2013

[Grigio]: Overalls, I love.

We run things, things don't run we?
Don't take nothing from nobody, yeah yeah.

That time of the year, when I have so much photos to show but laziness always strikes. Well it's because of busy work and schedule. But, better late than never right?

It's been a long time coming, from January to July... my version of this style is here. 

The trend: Modernizing 90's overalls in different varieties of style.
In my case, I love to do it monochrome with a little spice of androgyny and being sporty. FUN! :) #schoolboy

Finally a photo taken with one of my favorite overalls! ❤ 
Yes, I'm indeed crazy for this 90's piece. Whether short, denim, or in flying colours I am so down for that.  Also the fact that you could wear it with or without a tee, a jacket overtop, or since it's summer, you could go for a crop top!

If you've seen my craze for overalls last year (Tweedle-dum Tweedle-dee), it's severe this time! I just love the fact about all these fashion cycle and how garments are reinvented from one era to another. Like what I've been always telling to everyone - create your own style. I feel like overalls will be one of my trademarks and will be with me for a longer run. This one is just timeless.

Wool Checked Overalls Suit and Alert Chunky Chelsea Boots from Topshop, Floral Fauna Shirt and Tweed Cap from Topman, and Bag-pack from Salvatore Ferragamo - each item complements each other which gives you that cheerful, sleek monochromatic, ready-to-go look for a great adventure!

I adore how it's all set and done - the colours, the overalls itself. It seems that I found a garment made for myself. If only I could wear it every day... OH I enjoy the feeling when I'm wearing it; just like when I was taking these photos and how stylish it could be.

You look the best when you wear your smile.  There is no beauty like the one that comes from inside you.

Remember only God can judge 'ya, forget the haters 'cause somebody loves you.
We run things, things don't run we?

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