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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Joseff's LookBook: May the odds be ever in your favour.

Spring has risen,
and Fashion blooms again.
It's about time to re-create, to innovate.The right fit,The right colours,The right YOU.Fashion is an expression.
- SEFFINISTO by Joseff Lopez

Spring Fashion it is! Spring has final come in Vancouver, and the beauty of the city outshines, brighter as ever. I love to see the flowers, the Cherry blossoms, the blue clear sky, the people's smiles, and the warmth embrace of the season makes it all perfect. I wonder if Vancouverites are getting ready for Summer! (well I do :P) Feel the heat!

This week's outfit is related to the Nature and to the movie Hunger Games! I like how my army/camouflage tank top gives off the "tree" feeling and how you connect with it. The colours as well corporate the entire Spring look- not too pastel-ly, but a mix of neutral/bright tones. And look at the gorgeous place we had for this shoot! 

This cute aztec pin-bow tie from is I think, the cutest tie that I ever got! I wasn't actually expecting that it's pin-nable (making my own vocabulary, I know), because I ordered it online- but the thing is, there wasn't any regret, in fact everyone loves it! Can pull it off by putting it to any blazers or even a button-up!

This thrift blazer (Jones New York) that I got from Value Village is just stunning. I think it could match any top or outfit with the right colour pattern. I'm just so happy that I get to find the best clothing of all in thrift and Vintage stores. Well, it's my hobby now. I love thrift and Vintage! Being Eco-Friendly here! :)

Levi's Jeans? What else could I say? They've got fantastic jeans, fits to your needs, and hey, it lasts long! I'm glad I found this jeans again, after a year! Whew!

Anyone who would protest that I am not the Socks Prince? lol 
I love these quirky socks, prints, colours, and all that. <3 
(featured blog for my socks collection soon)
Also, that oxfords from Forever 21 lasts really long too. Rain or shine, it didn't stop to give me a fashionable-comfy feeling at all times. 

So yes, this is the whole look for my very first Spring collection. I'm afraid I might not going to be able to post LookBook photos this week, but I'll try to insert it with my schedule! Like I really have to right? :P
Fashion school semester 2 starts today!

PS: Forgot to mention about the Hunger Games inspired? Oh well, being a fan boy at the moment. I think it kinda resembles the movie? But whatever, use your imagination please! It's weird that I actually dreamt that I was a part it, and I am number 13? HA!

Love, love! <3

Thursday, April 19, 2012

BLOGGERS WARDROBE - the Kingdom awaits.

“The world’s first webshop where all items are completely free, but only for an exclusive group – our bloggers” - Bloggers Wardrobe (

This is the opportunity I am waiting for. And I believe it's worth the wait. It's my time.

Bloggers Wardrobe, a fashion-monarchy where all bloggers around the globe gather, has opened its doors again for a new set of potential fashionistas to enter their kingdom. This is a wonderful opportunity, not only for me- but for those who aspires to be a part of the top-blogger community to show what they've got and be on top of their own niche. Bloggers Wardrobe will definitely spice up every single blogger to shop in their own exclusive webshop, and get freebies! - one thing that I like about it! :)

BLOGGERS TRIBE/ONLINE SHOP- Bloggers Wardrobe will surely lead your way to the wonderful brands inclined to it. Brands like GAIA by designer Gaia Brandt, Pilgrim (Danish Designs), and Electrolux (appliances) are my favourites. I could see myself wearing their clothing and using their appliances BUT just by looking through them online kills me. :( Well, I do hope that Blogger's Wardrobe will help me get in touch with these brands. YAY!

Here's a breakdown of my thoughts about the brands and what I love about them. <3

GAIA's collections are handmade and mainly consist of one-off pieces done in a smaller number of styles. I like the contrast of silhouettes and quirky details; also the influence of vintage garments, knits, and the splash of colours. In terms of styling, I believe GAIA is a part of me. The way Gaia expresses her designs through art, illusions, poetic pictures, and all that just inspires me big time. There's so much emotion going on in each of every design, and it feels like they are telling a story.

I am an aficionado not just by this brand, but this designer by love from now on.

Photos from the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection:
Photo by Brian Buchard

Love for jewelries? PILGRIM is the place to be. Established in 1983 by the two Danes Annemette Markvad and Thomas Adamsen, Pilgrim never fails to give a quality, world-class product. Each design seem to fit people within their personality. These shining, shimmering jewelries are hand made, hand painted, and assembled by hand- all contributes to the Pilgrim spirit. Their creativity, uniqueness, and passion for what the Pilgrim team is doing make the best out of everything.

From sterling silver to gold, fashionable designs executed perfectly, and the fact that the profits goes into a good cause - donated to Doctors without Borders - Pilgrim won't let you down.

Sample Jewelries:

Hematite plated necklace
Silver plated bracelet
Hematite plated ring

Photos from

In the world of appliances, whom are you going to call? No doubt, it’s ELECTROLUX! In 90 years of leading innovation, designs that are thoughtfully created, and for professional use of appliances - Electrolux is what you need for your home. The products are worth the price, and its high-standard quality- the design, production, development, and the way it connects to me (just by looking and watching infomercials about it) and to the other consumers is amazing.

Electrolux Appliances:

Espresso maker
i-Kitchen refrigerator
Photos from

The sleek-chic refrigerators, espresso machines, vacuum, and cleaners – oh, I just love it.

And that concludes my affection for the brands that supports my next home, the Bloggers Wardrobe. <3

Blogger’s Wardrobe is every bloggers dream (well who would not!) and if ever given a chance to be a part of this, it would just be amazing for an early birthday present for my 19th!

Self proclaimed: The BW's baby - Joseff Lopez. :D

Interaction between the brands, the bloggers, and the people is what I am looking forward with. Very fashion forward, the community for sure I fit in, and I deserve this chance.

This is the opportunity I am waiting for. And I believe it's worth the wait. It's my time.

PS: Thanks for Blogger’s Wardrobe. This post is my comeback for a long while. I’m happy! :) #allnightermode

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