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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Joseff's LookBook: May the odds be ever in your favour.

Spring has risen,
and Fashion blooms again.
It's about time to re-create, to innovate.The right fit,The right colours,The right YOU.Fashion is an expression.
- SEFFINISTO by Joseff Lopez

Spring Fashion it is! Spring has final come in Vancouver, and the beauty of the city outshines, brighter as ever. I love to see the flowers, the Cherry blossoms, the blue clear sky, the people's smiles, and the warmth embrace of the season makes it all perfect. I wonder if Vancouverites are getting ready for Summer! (well I do :P) Feel the heat!

This week's outfit is related to the Nature and to the movie Hunger Games! I like how my army/camouflage tank top gives off the "tree" feeling and how you connect with it. The colours as well corporate the entire Spring look- not too pastel-ly, but a mix of neutral/bright tones. And look at the gorgeous place we had for this shoot! 

This cute aztec pin-bow tie from is I think, the cutest tie that I ever got! I wasn't actually expecting that it's pin-nable (making my own vocabulary, I know), because I ordered it online- but the thing is, there wasn't any regret, in fact everyone loves it! Can pull it off by putting it to any blazers or even a button-up!

This thrift blazer (Jones New York) that I got from Value Village is just stunning. I think it could match any top or outfit with the right colour pattern. I'm just so happy that I get to find the best clothing of all in thrift and Vintage stores. Well, it's my hobby now. I love thrift and Vintage! Being Eco-Friendly here! :)

Levi's Jeans? What else could I say? They've got fantastic jeans, fits to your needs, and hey, it lasts long! I'm glad I found this jeans again, after a year! Whew!

Anyone who would protest that I am not the Socks Prince? lol 
I love these quirky socks, prints, colours, and all that. <3 
(featured blog for my socks collection soon)
Also, that oxfords from Forever 21 lasts really long too. Rain or shine, it didn't stop to give me a fashionable-comfy feeling at all times. 

So yes, this is the whole look for my very first Spring collection. I'm afraid I might not going to be able to post LookBook photos this week, but I'll try to insert it with my schedule! Like I really have to right? :P
Fashion school semester 2 starts today!

PS: Forgot to mention about the Hunger Games inspired? Oh well, being a fan boy at the moment. I think it kinda resembles the movie? But whatever, use your imagination please! It's weird that I actually dreamt that I was a part it, and I am number 13? HA!

Love, love! <3

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