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Friday, September 14, 2012


My love for thrift shopping.
Yes, used clothes are better than you think.
Haul 101.

So I’ve was wandering the streets of Burnaby this week, seeing what’s up and new then I passed by on one my favorite stores to shop for - Value Village. There wasn’t actually anything I needed to get when I went there, which happens usually but the store never fails to surprise me. It will drive you loco as you find unexpected treasures within each rack in the store.  And it just makes you shop, all along- especially if they have a variety of merchandise available on the floor.

I was over joyed last Monday when I came out of the store with two shopping bags of shirts and accessories for only $50.00. And what’s the catch? These used clothes are as good as new! That is why I would like to show them to you.
So these are my thrift of the week:
(1) Boots - $10.99
(2) Knit Sweater - $3.99
(3) Floral Printed Blue Shirt - $4.99
(4) Army-Camou Shirt - $3.99
(5) Army-Green Pleated Slim Pants - $5.99
(6) Check-Leather Brown Shoes - $12.99
Because I am in love with vintage and any other related merchandise that you would not be able to find in regular stores, I recommend going in to a thrift store and just try looking. You never know what’s in store for you.

How could you ask for more- great deals, great finds, and you are helping to save our planet.

As an advocate of Eco-Fashion, using second hand clothing helps increase our quality of life de-consumption and it actually differentiates those who thrifts from their peers because of the uniqueness you get from it- in a way that there would be only about 5% chance another person could have the same thing as what you are wearing. One of a kind eh? 


  1. i like the shoes :)

    it is appreciated if you take time to visit my blog and follow me :)
    christian | my blog :

    1. Let's spread the word for being ECO!
      Love your travel posts Christian!


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