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Thursday, February 21, 2013


   Have you ever wondered what's in someone's bag before? Or just out of curiosity asked someone what he or she usually carries in her bag in a daily basis? Whether your bag is small or enormous, designer or imitation - it is one of the important things we can not live without!

It's like, our whole life is in there.
Also as it makes our lives easier by helping us bring our personal needs wherever we go.

Bags, purses, suitcases, briefcases, travels bags, whichever you call it - it is an essential thing for a man to have, and that is why I love my bag so much! And here's a peek of what I have in there!

Hope you enjoy lovelies!

How about you? What's in yours? ;)

"I want my handbags and my shoes to be stylish but I want to make sure that they're versatile. I travel and I have to make sure the pieces I put into my bag can go with a dress or with shorts or jeans."


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