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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Joseff's LookBook: Bright Lights

Hola people! Okay, this blog is a bit too late because my 'Bright Lights' LookBook post is already out in the market but I would like you guys to see how the photo shoot is done (we also shoot a video but it won't be in this post, probably in my Youtube channel - so check that out) and how many crazy poses I made to achieve this look!

This photo shoot is memorable for me because this is the first that I had to put make-up on! The theme is like punk-rock so we gave a 'dark' approach to it - putting black mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow.

Courtesy of my gff, Caira Love! <3

I am loving the make-up on my face! HAHA!

And this is the finish product - plain simple but catchy and cute! :) But we are not settling in here... I have to style my hair like a rocker! (party like a rock star)

Haha! Me and my (future) make-up artist; strike a pose Caira!

An off-figure styling of what I'm going to wear on the shoot!
TOP - Black Collared Jacket from Guess
Gray tank top from ZARA Men
BOTTOM - Black rolled-up jeans from Buffalo
Aldo Military Boots
ACCESSORIES - Black tribal bracelets from a Thrift store
Roxy Pink head phones
Dual Cross Necklace
Candy Amplifier-Bag

And 1, 2, 3... Camera rolls - and here we go! The actual photo shoot of my 'Bright Lights' look!

We shoot this outside my place, in the side walk, with cars drifting around and lights moving in motion, which helped for the photos' appearance!

If you're G, you're Guess. :P (Gorgeous I should say)
Ah-ha! And this concludes the photo shoot! With a wacky picture of me and my gorgeous-gracious photographer, Bebrenly M.! :D

Don't forget to HYPE my look!

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