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Sunday, May 6, 2012

What Makes You Beautiful

What a fun, fun, fun last week of the month of April it has been! :) My very first Styling gig (April 29, 2012) was unbelievable- everything just fell in to the right place! I love it!

Okay, firstly- I would love to welcome May (YAY for May) for the wonderful first week it has given me at school, and for my family.  :)

Moving on, this Styling I did is actually a part of my school's program (John Casablancas Institute of Applied Arts Vancouver), a workshop for the Fashion students to bring their natural, given talent to Style and build their portfolio- and it is called the Mixer. Here, they will pair you up in a team of 5 from the Make-Up and Hair-Styling departments of JCI. As the Stylists' part, we would have to get our model and our photographer. :) However, there is another program in the school called the B.Y.O.B (Build Your Own Book) which is more professional because you will get to team with the experts (professional photographer, model from the JCI agency, etc.). They say that the Mixer is a stepping stone to provide you the skills, and the efficiency to get you ready for the B.Y.O.B, but we'll talk more about that when I get to do it!

There are 3 themes the Mixer wanted us to follow, and they are: The Classic Red Carpet, The HollyWood Diva, and The Rock Star.
These themes are expressed on the way the Stylist and the team sees it- well, who knows what it really looks eh? It all depends on us!

Now, I'm prepping up- sorting out what clothes to use for my model, and the Styling! 

PS: It was actually hard for me to look for clothes because I had a female model and WHERE in my closet I could get them, right? But I had a clever idea- since I had some fem-ish clothes- I used them! I also went thrifting and I found a vintage-gy-classic dress for the Red Carpet theme. How amazing is that? :)

Having all that said, this post is (half-ly) about what I wore on that day! HAHA! I brought my friend-photographer with me, so while the team is busy for their make-up and hair styling, we sneaked in outside and took photos for my LookBook! :) 

It was a bright Sunny day in Vancouver, and the location of the shoot was in the historical Gastown. 

I was wearing a button-up animal printed shirt I got from USED Vintage in Vancouver (I just don't recognize the other animals though. lol There is a bull, yes), a slim-fit Khaki ZARA jeans, a striped-printed black socks, and an Aldo Charcoal Oxfords for my shoes!

I really the love the colour combination of the Navy Blue and Green on the shirt, and how the Khaki colour pants just made the shirt more distinct; as well the fact that the (green) stripes kind of gave me weight had a good matching over-all. And the almond-pointy oxfords, seemed to give the Hipster look I'm aiming for. (and of course, my chocolate-mucho from Starbucks made they day right!)

So this concludes this post! I am happy (and gay) that everything fitted perfectly and how terrific and stunning that day was. Photos from the Styling will be posted this afternoon on another blog post, don't worry! :)

“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest”


  1. You are amazing.
    I love your individuality in dressing up yourself. You own your style.

  2. Lovely post ! Love the details in the pictures ! Great look !
    Ibrahim and Rita Mouhanna

    1. Thanks so much Ibrahim and Rita! Love the idea of the Mother-Son fashion blog!
      Your Mom is so chic, such an inspiration!

  3. That shirt is lovely!

    1. Thank you so much! Style-trigger and SEFFINISTO... let's spread the word!


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