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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Floral Stripes Black

Dead leaves and the dirty ground, when I know you're not around.
Shiny tops and soda pops, when I hear your lips make a sound.

Oh that Striped Pants

Seems like trends from the past are returning due to its huge impact in style these days. This ala sporty chic striped pants from the 90's are back and it surely drives the fashion world crazy - most especially if you are obsessed with any grayscale graphics like me and Miley!

I love how stripes (horizontal or vertical), gives our body proportion. In any way you put it, it is a wardrobe necessity. Just how it made me look taller in this look!
I am happy how they modernized the 90's styled pants and it's more fashion forward; there are different cuts, design, and colors. Hmmm... I can't add anything else in this piece, I completely adore it. 

So this is the official ensemble - it's the clash of floral-stripes-and black.
A combination I wasn't sure of at first but blended perfectly together. The leather jacket + heels adds the edge (more on an urban-rocker like), the floral provides the spring feel and print-sophistication, and the stipes balancing the outfit by giving it a sporty-vintage look.

In conclusion, this is just ready for runway. 
Here are the rest.

Outfit: Black Leather Motor Jacket from MARCO | Multi-Color Floral Shirt from USED Vintage House of Vancouver | Sporty Striped Pants from Forever21 | Alert Chunky Chelsea Boots from TOPSHOP Vancouver | Gold Chain Necklace from Forever 21.

"Style is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having to speak."

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