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Friday, June 7, 2013

S-100: Urban Generation

In celebration of my 100th look on, here comes a wiser, braver, stronger, bolder, and fiercer SEFFINISTO. 
Yes, I am back!

Go on and try to tear me down, I would be rising from the ground like a Skyscraper.
I found love, and I'm stronger.

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The months of April and May flew fast that I didn’t even remember that I have a blog; maybe because I was so in love and I just forgot about myself. However, things change for the better and we learn a lot from our experiences. I am thankful… that above all, I stood still and remained stronger. To be honest, I’ve been through so much from the past months, it was tough making decisions – but just like they say, when a door closes, another opens. I am happy to say that I am blessed and I thank everyone who never left me. That’s why I am here to inspire you guys again and to make you believe that anything can happen – if you work hard, have faith, and as long as you love what you are doing. There is no giving up, it’s always fight, fight, and fight! :)

Comeback: No heels, no prints, not as much colors, because we are turning back time as I am bringing you the ala sporty-school boy look of Joseff Lopez, 2 years ago.

The trend: It’s all about sports, varsity jackets, slouchy shirts, loose pants, cool cap, it’s clean and minimal with a little swag and style. This is the sportswear look. It made a comeback once more, and it’s getting bigger in Vancouver; lots of playful jackets, colors, shoes and everything. It’s so fun!

So this is what I have for you guys today, hope you love the look; at least see my boy-ish side. HA! And I’ll blog with you again! This JUNE, it will be big.

Right now I am just obsessed with varsity jackets, and so far I have 3. I WANT MORE!
They’re versatile as you could mix and match it with everything; also they could be a windbreaker jacket especially this Summer! Color is not a problem as long if you’ve got the taste, but make sure it will look good with your complexion! (Go for Navy! :P)

Love, love, love!

Outfit: All c/o TOPMAN. #TopmanVancouver

Dare to be Different.

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