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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Smile: Don't Worry, Be Happy

A light shines, within me - People ask me why?
And I just smile like a ray of light, coming through the night;
Bright as the sun and the sky, see how I shine, shine...

Like the stars in the heavens.

A fun and quirky way to start Summer for our trendsetters out there! 
Finally that time of the year to style comfortably (yes because it's hot) and whereas shorts and dazzling colours are the star. 

(this look in my Spiky hair. Ft. BANANA)

For me, this season is tough to stay fashionable; just because I love layers (repeat thrice) and most of what I have in my wardrobe are heavy garment-materials (e.g. chunky sweaters, blazers, leather pants and leggings). There may be a bit of challenge due to the weather and the option is only ONE... layer.

 Well, this is should not a problem to me. I have my ways. Just like the usual: I thrift, I cut, and voila! 
I am not really used in wearing one layer (YOU MUST KNOW) but I am trying! :)

What's the trick? Statement prints, bursting colours, and eye candy shoes. I think it's always like that. A fashion cycle every Summer. And of course be yourself. Because no matter how hard you try, if you don't have it, it won't stand out. Don't let others think you are different, because you are original.

So,  this is what I have to offer for the first week of July!

The trend: Stripes, oversized and geek-ness with strong blues and bright colours all ready for Summer!

Stripes made a comeback, style-oversize has always been a crowd favorite, and that "Geek" look adds charm in everything - put that glasses on! Clearly, a win-win outfit and it's fun to look at!

Well... Most likely, the BOOTS. That Smiley Hincky Doc Martens is the star. Enough said.

It's all about FUN. Fun doing what you love. Fun in being yourself, in bringing your own style. Nerdy but the swag is there. I love the hues.

The boots. Love this Hincky.

If you settle for just anything, you’ll never know what you’re truly worthy of.


  1. Love your shirttt!! Im freaking mad for your shoes ♥♥♥♥

    1. Awweee thank you Izael! :) Shirt+shorts are thrifted! Oh the boots. I get that a lot. ><
      Can't stop staring at them, they're gorgeous!!!


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