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Thursday, August 1, 2013


Sunlight, oh sunlight,
Bring me the love I'll need to guide me, shining deep inside of me;
Show me the way...

Dungarees [n]. A type of garment which is 'usually' used as protective clothing when working. 

Well hello! The follow up version of my gray overalls, just how they call it - dungarees!

I don't know how it took me awhile to post this... I had this ready right after I posted my overalls. What a busy bee am I! Totally forgot. >< There's still so much Seffinisto statement to show from the shoots I had months ago, hopefully to publish them as soon as I can (I am so behind) to give you guys more style inspiration! 

Original. Creative. Numero Uno. 

The trend: A modernized 'work clothes' as seen mostly in construction turned to a wearable style piece. AND it made a big comeback from the 90's. With a variety of styles going on today, I had this touched with a sporty-school boy look and that canvas floral (cut-out) shirt that is starting to create a buzz. Let's say a back-to-school fashion outfit? Maybe a little over the top but well. #Confidence!

They say dungarees are for the brave and the wearer must commit to the look - and I agree.
 It is a bit hard to pull off a dungaree, trousers, or overalls. It may not stand out on its own way because it will depend on how you carry it. Choose the right colour, the right style and start from there.

One problem that could occur might be the choice of shoes. For me it doesn't look really good with any flats; it looks cute with running shoes but it's within your taste. This works out well with heels for sure (especially for shorter people), because it's long legged and it shows off its funkiness when you roll up the pants!

So, this will be the rest of my dungarees style. I may look tired in the post (see it in the eyes) but I gave my best shot (with my poses and all of course lol) to provide you the finest angles of the look. 
Here you have it. :)

Outfit:  MOTO Bleach Long Leg Dungarees and Alert Chelsea Chunky Black Boots is from TOPSHOP | Gray Tweed Cap from TOPMAN | and that Floral Canvas Shirt is from Value Village (Thrifted).

You are always free to do something that makes you smile. :)

Just do it.


  1. I love dungarees! They are so cool
    This one fits you so good! :)

    1. Me tooo!!! I'm like obsessed. Haha!
      Thank you so much Izael!!! :)


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