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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3.1: Three become one

Aztec, paisley, and safari,
A dream of three to be together,
Say you believe it, say you believe it.

Come a little bit closer baby, get it on, get it on,
'Cause tonight is the night when three become one.

The trend: Prints ON prints ON prints are killing me.
I just can't. Why am I obsessed with these?

PSYCHEDELIC much? Hmmm... I think I just have crazy ideas in mind and ever since, I am just in love with vivid, rad, colourful prints. Well, you can tell when you see my wardrobe - 50% of it got prints. And you just can't see it, but underneath those clothes... there are prints again. Like it's never ending prints! HA!

To be honest, it's always hard to combine prints; it takes some gut to do and wear it. Just a little secret that I do most of the time - I go for colours. I don't care if those prints doesn't match at all but once you've got a direction, everything seems to fall in to place: thus, creating a story.

When three become one, harmony is a key. Confidence is a must. Roll with that collar on collar trend too. It's being yourself and not thinking about others will say; you're cool like that.

I adore this so much, like it's just one of the best combinations I put together so far. Always, always go with your taste. Hail TOPSHOP for giving me inspiration from head to toe!

Outfit: Aztec Jacquard Shirt - Safari Retro Trousers - Alert Chunky Chelsea Boots all from TOPSHOP Vancouver | Oriental Paisley Shirt from USED House of Vintage | Kenzo x New Era Cap from KENZO

It's like once you've created your style, it is yours... just YOURS.
So shine high, be brighter than the sun.

Only you can wear it.


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