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Monday, September 30, 2013


Louder, louder than a lion
'Cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar!
I got the eyes of the tiger.

I think it's about time to wake up Green day, because Summer has passed and September ends today.

Okay, a photo roll that is supposed to be out by the 1st week of September; however it's the other way around (ROAR look debut here).
Well, time flies and now we are entering October. Hello FALL!
Oh yes, layering. 

But before anything else, I would just like to commend this season's Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 2014 for an amazing show! As always, there were a lot of talented individuals that showcased their designs and style savvy cats that made this year worth while. Looking forward to the next!

For photos (#VANFASHIONWEEKOutfit) you are welcome to check my Instagram and for Top picks and commentaries, feel free to creep my Twitter from the past week. All @Seffinisto!
So, I am back to Kenzo obsession. 
Number 2; from my cap to a t-shirt!

The trend: Basics are back. A casual tee, put on some runners and voila. 
NOW, it depends on how you will add flavour to that. Since "jungle fever" is still hot and about, and my all time favorite varsity jacket (that sporty look) - I combined them together. With the help of rad prints like leopard, aztec, plaid and patches; added with vibrant colours, it all comes down to this.
A playful- I don't care I'm free to do what I want look is achieved. Since I'm known with my prints on prints on prints specialty (which is always a challenge to do), out of nowhere I just came up with this - on August 11th. Started at my nephew's 1st birthday. It's crazy but I can't explain much about this. I love the tees, the shoes, everything! Well who wouldn't? #carefree

Outfit: KENZO Leopard T-Shirt from KENZO | Aztec Jacquard Shirt (underneath) from TOPSHOP | Blue Plaid Cropped Trousers (thrift) from USED Vintage Vancouver | Green Suede Shoes from New Balance.

Put your claws up.

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