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Sunday, October 20, 2013

3826: Madonna

Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone;
I hear you call my name, and it feels like home.

Just like a prayer, I'll take you there. _/\_

Savour freedom you mean? Yes. It's been seen through catwalks, streets, and those who are actually brave enough to wear. Gender morphing is the new in. If women can wear trousers, men can wear skirts. And this is how I carry it.

I think mostly men (or androgynous guys) always wear it like this - skirt and a pair of leggings. It's how you complete the piece that will matter.

The trend: Givenchy creates a "trendmark" by putting Virgin Mary in their collection for Spring/Summer 2013. Fashion? Art? Or Controversial? Well, the message to me is universal. That anyone can be connected to anything, physical-mental-or spiritual. It just means to say that we are one; that we could be the change we want to be. It's not only an iconic thing to do, but it could also be a sign of respect - that we cherish our mothers and the mother of the child who saved us from all our wrong doings.

Oh, the highlight? That turned up collar. (who would have thought?)

If most of you have seen on my Instagram, I've worn this outfit on Vancouver Fashion Week. It may have created buzz with the elements of grunge, and a slight touch of goth but this ensemble justifies how I carry certain styles in different direction. I know I'm always to androgyny but this time, it's all about love of one's self. 

Now, here it is: Black-Gray-Red-Green-Yellow-and Gold colour scheme. Hence, it's everything.

Outfit: Orange Virgin Mary Floral Tee from Givenchy S/S 2013 | Black Short Sleeve Shirt (Turned-up Collar) from TOPMAN | Men's Black Pleated Skirt from Joe Fresh (Thrifted) | Black Paisley Leggings from TOPSHOP | Black Oxford Shoes from Nike.

3826? My address.
Madonna? A mother, an icon of Pop.

"Who needs a name if you look amazing."

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