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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hey, it's Amanda.

Act up, carve up, dress up, play up, and everything. 
Again, it's this time of the year.

Open up your heart and just let it begin.

'Tis, <Hal·low·e'en>
Let's celebrate!

From FASHION UNLABELED in 2011 to Seffinisto last year, if you are a fan and you follow this blog...YOU, would know that I always have a Halloween special! Yes, this time with these supercalifragilisticexpialidocious people. 

How would I describe Halloween? Hmmm, it's not only the time to remember the dead, but to (know and) freely express how FUN life could be. That momentum itself, is a saying that we should make importance of our time and ourselves - to live life to the fullest. 
Added to that, with trick-or-treating as one Halloween religion of all time, scrazy activities, and of course dressing up to whoever character you want to be, makes it one of the best events to look forward to every year.

And who am I this time? Well, it's quarter Nikki Minaj- quarter Sailor Serena - quarter Teacher - and a quarter Witch. 
It's not Winona (from last year), or Sabrina (the teenage witch), but hey it's... Amanda!

Ratchet as it seems, but I was all over the place; all those (quarter) characters mentioned above was what I'm aiming to but it all fell into... Amanda Vines (Bynes). 

She's maybe out of her path, and a lot of people are criticizing her from what she's doing right now... but I don't - because I have no right to do so, and looking back from who she was and what she did way back. I thank her. At least for making me laugh through her show, Nickelodeon's  The Amanda Show!

Enough of this prologue, here's the rest of the photos!
Creds to my cosplayer friend Sara for the hair, and Joaquin for the photos!

HA, the first photo of the night. ARVAJOSEBERNA reunites.

From Japan with love... here's Kate! Yeah, randomly met on the train station. Just love her costume... and of course the hair!

The photo shoot begun.
Ah, ugh yeah... AMANDA!

Outfit: All c/o of Value Village.

Rio, the police officer. Okay, I'm caught off guard. 

(L-R) Hermes Messenger of the Gods, Flower Fairy, Amanda Vines, Nerdy Wacky, and Pikaaaachu!

October 31st, 2013.


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