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Saturday, October 18, 2014


Just as they say it.
Stop the kill, save. 
Fish be with you.

Just a thought before I start:  May we spread awareness about what is good and what is not. Some people destroy an environment that is made to be lived in harmony, not for destruction. We are getting there, I hope it stops. 

Ahhhh. Summer time feels so good. The season where it's warm, there's a lot of sunshine, flowers blooming, we get ice cream, wear flip flops, go to picnic, hiking, fishing, and the beach of course! 
It's also the time when we wear less- don't have to get those chunky layers to keep us snuggy. 

Anyway, I have a season-late post in here, (don't know what I'm doing) but I took this just before Summer started when I came back from my vacation in China. I just felt the breeze of fun and I got too excited to wear my shorts for Summer! 

Blue was my colour for this season. 

Outfit: Oversized FISH sweater from KENZO | Blue Stripe Rolled Up Shorts from VV | Black Silver Shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti 

A little post for this month since I've been busy with so much things in my life. I have achieved quite a lot this year actually. So many goals, changes, all results to a better life for me. I am very happy. :)

As we continue: seasons change, and just like the colour of the leaves- we are here for a new beginning. Hello Autumn!

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