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Monday, September 1, 2014


One boy
Thousand feelings.

We always had our wildest dreams when we were kids. There is always a world of fantasy where we belong. In there, we don't know a thing. We run around in blooming tender grass field, and clear blue skies with fluffy clouds where we could relax; together with delightful beings that no one could have ever met. 
Our sweet smiles and innocence just brings jubilance... bliss to every living soul. That in one moment in our life - we were young, wild, and free.

And here I am, within the stars of my own dream. Achieving more and growing. Various styles in one way or the other. And yes, no one can stop me. 

Always my love for style. Eternal.

Outfit: Long White Oversized Shirt with Zip-up [BLK HSTRY] details from Stereo, Changchun | Black Rolled Up Shorts from H&M  | White Hight Top Sneakers from Adidas | Watch from G-Shock | B O Y Cap from Boy London

Here's another style of me in a hippie-yippie free spirit style. The B O Y who doesn't stop dreaming.

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