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Friday, November 30, 2012


"Everything you can imagine is real."
- Pablo Picasso 

Mystical, magical, and animalistic - CHIMERA is a fashion show inspired originally from a fairytale loved by children, The Chronicles of Narnia

"The story of CHIMERA begins with a structured, obedient theme representing the average life that one would want to escape. The curiosity to discover something better causes the story to progress into the exploration of nature. This eventually leads to the discovery of humans’ true animalistic traits and the battles that arise from them. The story concludes with good defeating evil in a successful journey through life, and the morals and lessons learned along the way."

CHIMERA came to life through the creative individuals of the fashion class 138 of John Casablancas Institute. It happened last Thursday, November 22nd at Villa Amato (88 East 1st Ave); the show was in support of Covenant House. 

The show brings you through the dark and mythical journey of life as styled and designed by the students. Here are some inspirational images of the show.

★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆

The CHIMERA mood board
A crazy model fitting day just before the big show!
The garments me and Ennia used for the show.
Model line up for SEFFINISTO + Ennia Mariscal Styling's segment.

Within the show, CHIMERA had five segments:
  1. Structured/Tailored clothing (Styled by Serena Fairweather)
  2. Starting to layer/Adding fur (Styled by SEFFINISTO and Ennia Mariscal)
  3. Fur/Animalistic (Styled by Melody Young, Chelsea Grimshaw, and Paige McBride)
  4. War + Metallics (Styled by Lauren Fowler, Marissa McQuinn, and Michelle Briggs)
  5. White/Snow Queen (Designed by Alicia Belle Piercey)

It lasted for about 45-50 minutes, and the performance of the whole show was incredibly amazing. Not being biased because I was a part of it, I actually heard overwhelming comments about the show. Like everybody loved the theme, the visuals were eye catchy, the styling team+design did an outstanding job for pulling out the outfits, and A standing ovation after it was all over. 

To me, it just seemed to be a big project we had to accomplish. After the show I could not believe that I finally graduated - in flying colours. After 11 months of fashion studies, I could say that all the hard work I gave in to this paid off. I am so blessed to be surrounded with a wonderful group of people who shared the same passion as me and by being guided of an Institute that provided me knowledge and opened opportunities in this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious industry. I couldn't thank enough. 

Overall, CHIMERA was phenomenal knowing the fact that we only had a semester to build this, as well getting though the tension the class had in creating this - we survived! :)

I am happy with our show (beyond expectation), and I am so proud of each and everyone in my 138 class. I also wanted to thank everyone who came and supported our show! And to those who didn't make it, here's a video clip of the CHIMERA fashion show taken by a good friend of mine, Sara Law. 

I didn't get enough photos for the show as I was helping BOH, but with this I feel like it's worth it!

Again, my class 138 couldn't have done it without John Fluevog, Bootlegger, Libertine, Wear Else, Unique and Trendy, Sally Omeme, Alex Folzi, Ella Original, Scott Forbes and all of our other sponsors and vendors. Thank you!

If you want to feel the amazing music again, here is a link to the Chimeri-cal mix Scott Forbes created for us!

This marks a life long journey that I would not forget. It changed me the way I look through life, met new friends, and made me SEFFINISTO

It's a new beginning.
December is here.

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