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Monday, December 17, 2012

Seffinisto x Chimera

On November 22nd, 2012, Joseff Lopez (Seffinisto) finally plumed his wings and flew high as the moment he's been waiting for  came to life - his graduation day at John Casablancas Institute and the befalling of class 138's fashion show, Chimera.

The photos below are shots from me and my amiga Ennia's styling segment (#2 - adding fur) which is  taken by Budianto Nasrun (JCI Alumni).

Garments used were from Sally Omeme (knits/scarves), Bootlegger (cape), John Fluevog (shoes) and the rest were from our respective wardrobes. 
Credits to: Topshop, Topman, H&M, my friend Michael Hixt for all the Menswear,  and fur items (such as shoulder pads and scarves) from Dressew.

It has been such a long-stressful-amazing-magical 11 months of fashion studies, I am so glad to see all the hard work I have done throughout and how I blossomed like a beautiful flower. Well, I am a man now as what they say. I have to stand on my own, and I am going to pursue what my heart beats for.

 I could still not believe that I am done school - I would want to learn more, and there's always room to grow to be better. This is a new start, a new beginning. All my dreams shall come true. :)

And here's a video highlight from our Chimera show. Yes, we did everything to make this happen!

We are born to do this.

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