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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Prairie Flower

I'm a little prairie flower, growing wilder every hour.
Nobody cares to cultivate me.
I'm as wild as wild can be... I'm as wild as wild can be.

A CHIMERICAL ensemble from a magical journey through life.
The guise that shined in the limelight, the piece that was put together for a special valediction.

Fur is a must this Winter, so as layering.
Skirt-over-pants is the new deel.
Shine bright as who you are, shine bright like a diamond.

I blossomed as an innate, creative, crazy-mind individual.
I am a Prairie Flower.

Outfit: Ombre Fur Vest from Material Girl | Magenta Paisley Button-up Sheer Shirt from Ralph Lauren | High-waisted Blue Plaid Pants from USED House of Vintage Vancouver | Black Military Boots from Topshop | Gray Jersey Asymmetrical Skirt from Topshop  | Chain Gold Necklace from Forever21.

It happens today. #FurMonster
It's real. It's SEFFINISTO.

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SEFFINISTO has arrived.