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Sunday, January 13, 2013

You've Made Me Stronger

You ended my life and made a better one start. You've taught me everything from fallin' in love, to letting go of a lie.
Yes you've made me stronger, by saying goodbye.
Fashion lives in cycle.
It's time for a rebirth. Let's relive with what we used to have.

A trend that is dedicated to our innocency when we were young. Something I didn't think could make waves in the fashion streets, just because it's very elementar-ish; but everyone seems to do it today.

A plaid shirt (or any kind of shirt) tied on waist being worn as a complimentary skirt. It is appealing, edgy, fun, and memorable - how it brings back the days of childhood. It's distinct character may be the reason why it's 'in' today; also mostly seen wearing by rockers/bands, hipsters, and such. I left this trend last year, but why not bring it back AGAIN this 2013.

Outfit: Plaid Shirt (worn as skirt) from Hollister | Harem Pants from | Galactic-Print Over-sized Sweater from Savers Value Village | Chain Necklace from Forever21 | 4 rings attached in chains from TOPSHOP  | Gray-Shawled Collar Vest with Statement Big-Buttons from Manila Thrifting | Blue Retro-Bandana from USED Vintage Vancouver . 

Shine bright like a diamond.
Be your own individual.

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