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Saturday, December 28, 2013


 • Rottweiler  
Don’t let them in, don’t let them see, be the good boy you always have to be 
Conceal, don’t feel, put on a show...

Make one comeback and everyone will know. And it's only for today, before the year ends... tell them now to open up this post... this pooooooost! (and if you're following the song, then good! HA! #FROZEN)

Again it took me about a month to get this one up, but apparently this post has been in draft for exactly two and a half months (before that other Givenchy Mary post) and I'm just way behind. However, to make things short, here's a video of me saying what I have to say. Merry belated Christmas to everyone by the way!

(recorded the night on Dec. 25th, a Blogger-video exclusive lol)

The trend: Givenchy's ROTTWEILER came out in the runway on 2011 but it boomed on 2012 and up to now where all retailers seemed to copy this oh-so-sweet graphic print. I feel it was a good idea for Riccardo Tsci's to rise up with this; the fact that a rottweiler has a mix of a seemingly aggressive yet cloying aura in a way that captures people's attention. Plus, it was combined with a black tee which just gives it a total package - being universal in style. Who doesn't wear black?

To me it's very strong, detailed in a way that everyone can pull it off - with their own style, with whatever they turn it up to. It's one piece that has to be in your wardrobe, timeless as it wouldn't go out of class. What a fashionably street-chic done Givenchy! I love my prints because of you.

Flashback: Vancouver Fashion Week with this Givenchy hoodie, September 2013

It's an "#AllBlackEverything" style darling, with a touch of my love for androgyny.

Wearing an asymmetrical skirt feels great as it was a windbreaker day (ooohhh it flies!), the hoodie is just right as it matches the style of VanCity - that sweats kind of rock. Well, it's comfy (minus that it shouldn't mess the hair)!  And the rest completes the look. Round glasses are rad

And always remember...
"There’s magic if you close your eyes, so all you have to do is believe the impossible." 
–Disney Fairies

Cheers to 2014!


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