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Friday, January 31, 2014


Yes, it's 2014- but before I start, there's just a lot to be thankful for this past year.

2013, had put me into a new height as I have undergone changes in my life. I became stronger, wiser, bolder, and I could say... fiercer. 
Just one big thought of the year: I feel like decisions you make impacts a big portion in your life; it will reflect who you are, and it all bounces down to you. So, we all better make the right ones for ourselves and for our future. Always ask yourself... do you deserve this?

Since, 2014 begun I just want to share a recap of the looks I had the past 2013. And looking forward for an A+mazing year of the Horse, 2014. 

Year '13: Beginning
This is when camo begun to spread out once more, like literally you see them everywhere.

You've Made Me Stronger
Do you remember the most street-chic peeps who tied a plaid shirt over their waist? I think you're one of them.

Uber layering, and fur madness. 

The rise of the (fashion) sweatshirts. What's your statement?

I Ride An Old Paint
Simply, thrifted. The sweater dress.

Cross My Heart
Sweaters, prints, and graphics, everywhere. 

Ain't No Mountain High Enough
After the sweatshirt, the sweat pants. Who would have thought it could be stylish as this?

Eye Of The Tiger
When lines, and tigers were everywhere. Like seriously. Kenzo, thanks for inspiring.

Floral Stripes Black
Striped pants, oh I won't forget you. We have struggled so much to get the right fit and style.

S-100: Urban Generation
And this was when my change started. Sporty fashion everywhere, that jacket is awesome. S.

3.1: Three Become One
Prints-on-Prints-on-Prints. Who could break that? Hard to connect but it's gorgeous. 

Don't Worry, Be Happy
Boots, boots, boots. See it for yourself.

[Grigio]: Overalls, I love
I just can't say much about this. Because I fell in love. Hit me hard!

The sister of the picture above. LOVE.

Mesh 75
Man skirt. Watch out Marc Jacobs.

Yes, I played with tiger prints again... this time with my very own Kenzo. This is also the time when runners, such as New Balance were fashionably used.

Yours Truly, Seffinisto
Black will always be a style-statement.

3826: Madonna
Now Virgin Mary is a style icon.

And the famous dog award goes to... who would not have one?

It's been a roller coaster ride, and I am thanking everybody who supported me until this very day. To all who is just about to meet Seffinisto, I would love to embrace you open arms and I would love to inspire. I may not be in this blog as often as I could, but you could always catch me on Instagram and Twitter. This year will be as amazing as ever. Keep the faith!

And by the way, with all the hard work I put in my job... I am happy to say that I am promoted! :)

"In life, if you don’t risk anything, you risk everything."

1314, and forever

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  1. A proud fellow Filipino here :)
    Cool looks as always kuya Joseff


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