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Thursday, May 1, 2014


CHANGE [cheynj]:
to become different
to become altered or modified
to become transformed or converted.

Everything does change.
In life we go to a transition, a phase where we to get to know who we really are, what we want, and want to become. It's a process of evolution where we continuously seek for something new, something fresh - an idea of change. 

We don't stay to be the same person as yesterday, just like you would not do the same mistake you've done before: it's because we all want to be better. Better than we were, a version of a different improved individual we'd like to become. 

And just like the seasons, I chose a new direction- something people would be surprised of, something unusual but more of a preferable look for me. From Androgyny, finally I am back to Menswear

Welcome to my very first entry of the year 2014? Wow it's been a long while! I've been to a lot of craziness this first quarter- busy at work, being with the people I love, and vacation! 

So this is the change. I don't know if I struck you guys enough but you'll be seeing Seffinisto a lot in this- a  laid back, cool guy, just trying to impress. Simple
YO! Heels no more. Jeans, runners, sweatshirts, and joggers are the new "IT' for me. 

Of course there were people and inspiration that made me transform to this, and I feel like it's a good thing to try and get this neat, poise, urbanity, youngster look. I am embracing it with open arms and I couldn't wait to show more of this style this year.  

Right now I hope you enjoy looking through this ensemble. 
Not much layering this time, all cool things. 

Outfit: Virgin Mary Sweater from Trendiano | Drop Crotch Washed Jeans from TOPMAN Premium Jeans | Wheat High Boots from Timberland | Black Cap from Seffinisto

What could you say about the change?

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