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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Roses Blossom

You treat me like a rose, you give me room to grow. 
You open doors that close, in a world where anything goes.

As the saying goes, you wouldn't know how something feels like if you never give it a try. Life is short, and all those amazing moments that you may experience are probably the ones that you never expected, a risk you have taken, an opportunity you didn't let away, or just being a brave soul that you are could take you to places that is magical. And I did.

I haven't been blogging and sharing stories for quite a while, but I am happy- I've been to places I've never been before, explored new things, lessons learned, fond memories with loved ones and all. I've become someone with bigger dreams, with louder thoughts, creative ideas, a stronger me, and many more - and that being said, it wouldn't happen without the help not from the people around me, but I started it from myself. 
And I, changed me.

This post is all about learning, for becoming new and fresh. To become a better one, for a brighter future - and yes, with Givenchy.

My two favourite prints combine, as the season's roses and camou collide. 
Yes, it's definitely Summer! And we all still want to be comfy and style savvy despite of the hot weather. This time I am inspired by Givenchy's fantastic SS '14 collection because as a print on print on print lover, I am just overwhelmed with how the mix and match everything in it. The creation of Tussci, as always is the best.

Here's the photos I took, and as usual it's me and my vanity included. :)

Outfit: Camouflage Printed Roses Shirt from Givenchy | Cut-out Camouflage Shorts from SM Department Store, Manila | Black Strappy Sandals from Birkenstock | Watch from Michael Kors

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
This outfit is cool,
So are you.


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