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Saturday, March 16, 2013


"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." 
- Confucius

Ha! Is this another #OOTD blog post? Hmmm, sort of.

Well this is for you lovely people to see my very first artwork of the year, (March 14th is the date) presenting... my Seffinisto shirt (turned tank top)! Credits and shout-out to my friend Minerva for working so hard painting this! Looks like it's screen printed eh? It's all because of her skill and talent! 

So I called her in the morning when I thought of doing this and explained what I wanted - I gave her my logo and that night on Thursday, this came to life. I just wore it the next day to work; how amazing that could be! 

We are now in the works of collaborating for something new! I am stoked!

Again, it's an iPhone4s photography. I tried my best, but I would sure do a full shoot on this when the sun shines in Vancouver!

Yes, the main reason why I came up to this is to brand, brand, brand myself. Branding! As I feel like I am good with that. Wearing this to work would increase people's awareness to who am I as an individual and as I express my passion for fashion to inspire and be a role model. Remember as Fashion Unlabeled keeps reminding you, Fashion is an expression. It isn't all about the labels, but how you carry and create yourself.

 This is the start... SEFFINISTO is the star in the making (okay, let me be). Walk with me through this journey.

Well here's the rest of my photo of the day! Styling is just very casual and comfortable; that polka dot pants made the look popped more with the yellow socks accentuating it. Accessories helped too as I made turned them into something different. Be stupefied!

Topman fun day! It's Jeans on Sale!
Do I have that sexy back?
Outfit: DIY SEFFINISTO Top from Seffinisto Line | Teal Polka Dot Pants from H&M | Long Cross Necklace from Forever21 | Oversized Beige Cardigan from Value Village (Thrift) | Black Alert Chunky Chelsea Boots from TOPSHOP Vancouver.

There is more to come. Excited for these ideas come to life.
Part 2.

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