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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

All the other kids with the pumped up kids- you'd better run, better run

Hola, hola, hola! Well, I told you guys about putting the pictures from the Mixer I did on my next blog but I will keep that for now, and let you guys crave for it! *HINT: You could see it in a book. ;) (*sigh* most of my followers here, have seen that way back last week, so why do I have to keep it as a secret? #fail)

Moving on, I would just like to show you my OUTFIT for the DAY, and how crazy today was! This wasn't taken by my photographer because she's away so, it was taken through my camera! It's fun how I found that frog over the back yard, but underneath it... *eeeks- WORMS! My friend who took it freaked-out and ran away! Oh, I love those situations. HAHA!

So I am wearing an Oriental-Vintage piece from my favourite Vintage store USED Vancouver, and it is because it is my slack-off day (although I am so busy and rushed for projects - ugh, Marketing -.-) I paired it up with a gray slim-fit jeans from Bongo Divisions, and my black slip-on shoes I got from! How adorable is that? YAY!

However, one thing that makes it stand out, is the D.I.Y Fur fabric that I turned into a scarf! A tie actually, no a necklace... Whatever! It just complements the outfit, especially the round glasses! I was aiming for a very serious-Air bender look, but I don't know what it turned out! HAHA! Let me know what you guys think!

The Fur (monster) meets the Frog. Bow. :P
This just completed my day. So cute, and funky. Rock on! :D

Don't forget to... HYPE the look!

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